Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer makes this week too long

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I will not be reviewing Dragon Age: Inquisition, which means that I get to release my unbridled enthusiasm for the game. I simply can’t wait to create my Inquisitor, explore all of Thedas, do every single side mission/quest and interact with my followers. Every aspect of the game excites me, and now this trailer is making my wait for the game seem interminable.

Here is Dragon Age: Inquisition’s latest official trailer – The Breach.

And this is where those without YouTube access can watch it. There should be no excuse now, everyone must see this video and join me in the excitement for the game.

Maybe it’s the music, or perhaps it’s seeing the combat and how all the characters work together, or it could be the uniquely terrifying enemy design, but that trailer gave me goosebumps. I am far, far too ready for Dragon Age – I need it to be in my home already.

Dragon Age: Inquisition keeps going on about how you need to lead them or fall, which is sort of like every other RPG; be good and save the world, or everyone will die. However, I like that there’s a focus on leadership. It’s not just about leading a party of ragtag heroes – the people you are leading and working with are leaders in their own right. It somehow makes me feel like the Inquisitor is even more heroic, and has even more responsibility.

Have you, like me, pre-ordered the game already? Are you that excited, or will you be waiting for even more positive reviews before you’re convinced? Our review will hopefully be out next week so you can read all of our thoughts in time for launch.

Last Updated: November 14, 2014

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