Dragon Age: Inquisition’s side quests aren’t in one place

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It’s been a staple in RPGs for so long now. You head to the new major city and pick up a pile of quests to complete and hand back in. They might make you journey into the countryside, but the starting points are all bundled together. Dragon Age: Inquisition is forging a new questing path.

Speaking to VG247, lead designer Mike Laidlaw explained that it all links back to the main theme – the Inquisition is growing, which pushes back enemies and claims new territory.

By doing that what I’m hoping is that the side quests still feel tied back to the main story in that by completing them you’re growing your Inquisition and then that in turn is what enables you to go on the big [quests]. Like ‘okay, now we’re gonna lay siege to this fortress’ or what have you. Rather than it just being well, you could do them and you’ll get some gold – nah! At that point, they feel pretty trivial.

In fact, while you don’t have to sink all 200 hours of gameplay into Dragon Age: Inquisition, you will be forced to explore to some extent:

If you do the bare minimum, you do still have to engage with some of the exploration content. The exploration content is what empowers you to pursue the core story, right? You can’t do only core story. That’s one of the fundamental changes is that the exploration content is part of that experience

This is why side missions will often only pop up when you’re already exploring the area. As you explore, you might find tombs or special events that could unlock items that might be used to impress others and get them to join the Inquisition. It all ties together, something that I saw even in my short time with the game. I did a small task, but I saw my Inquisition power grow. It definitely triggers my need to complete all side missions possible, which means that I’ll be exploring the entire map and getting all sorts of extra goodies.

The more I hear about the game design, the more excited I get. I know I need to contain myself – too much excitement or hype and the game will feel disappointing by comparison. However, it’s just got too many things that I want in one game to ignore how excited it makes me.

Last Updated: November 6, 2014

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