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Dragon Ball FighterZ finishes off 2019 with the introduction of Super Broly

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For years, Dragon Ball fans wanted two things: More Broly, and for the burly fella to be made a canon part of the series mythology. They got one of those things in the shape of two extra Dragon Ball Z original video animation movies, although the less said about the Bio-Broly saga the better. As for the other? It wouldn’t be until 2018 when Broly became an official member of the Dragon Ball pantheon.

Specifically, the Dragon Ball Super side of the show. Set after the Tournament of Power arc, this version of Broly was in many ways similar to his original appearance as an unstoppable brawler whose power was simply too damn much, but at the same time he was given something else that he’d never had before: An actual personality.

Anyway, that Dragon Ball Super film that made Broly better is well worth a watch, especially if you like some incredible action and an art style that simply pops. That Broly is nothing short of a powerhouse, a near-unstoppable force of nature whose rampage could only be halted by the combined fusion power of Gogeta in Super Saiyan Blue mode.

Hard hits, heavy slams and energy blasts that could level continents? That’s the Broly that I want to play as! And I might just pop some Zeni towards Arc System Works, because the Super version of Broly looks amazing so far:

GODLIKE! Broly pretty much ends the 2019 season for Dragon Ball FighterZ, a year that has seen the likes of Jiren, Videl, Dragon Ball GT Kid Goku, Janemba and Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta fill out the cast. I promise those are actual words. Broly will arrive “soon” according to Bandai Namco, but until then I highly recommend jamming that amazing soundtrack from last year’s re-introduction of the bruiser. It’s a banger.

Last Updated: November 11, 2019

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