Dragon Ball XenoVerse’s latest patch ups the power level cap

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I think its safe to say that after several duds on old-gen, the Dragon Ball franchise is once again ready to kick some ass and stretch the credibility of a countdown timer even further than before. The game worked on multiple levels, recreating the feel of the show with some neat visuals and time travel that resulted in various wibbly wobbly timey wimey explosions. Like any game with an online component however, it’s getting patched. And that patch is going to raise your power level even further.

The latest patch will now raise the level cap from 80 to 85, which throws in 15 new skill points to allot to whichever discipline strikes your fancy. Personally, I’m a fan of ultimate attacks, so I’ll be plugging even more points into those finishers. The patch will also ready the game for the second wave of DLC, dubbed the GT Pack 2 which arrives next week.

“Warning” events will now also increase in frequency in Parallel missions, which is good news for anyone who is farming for Dragon Balls. Here’s the full list of changes from Bandai Namco:

  • Increased level cap from 80 to 85
  • Incident rate of WARNING during parallel quests has been increased.
  • The position where players come back in Toki Toki City has been changed. After cleared parallel quests, now players will be back near “Time Machine Station” in Toki Toki City.
  • The position of Masters has also been changed.
  • Changed the spec when disconnected from XENOVERSE servers. When players are disconnected from XENOVERSE servers, they still can play offline mode, now. (before this update, users had to be back to title screen)
  • Although Time Space delivery and Campaign events won’t be available, online battles and parallel quests will be still available from each online reception.
  • Countermeasure against cheating: Players who have been employing various cheating techniques will not be able to log into multi-lobbies or join online battles or parallel quests.
  • Some rules during online battles have been changed:
    -During endless battles, capsules cannot be used.
    -Communication delay during online battles has been reduced.
    -Made adjustment on time patrol, battles and parallel quests
  • Added version information on title screen

I didn’t even realise that players could cheat the game. Huh, go figure. As usual, the actual DLC will cost you a few bucks, around $10 if you’re keen on it. That’ll unlock new characters such as Mira, Towa, Eis Shenron and Nuova Shenron. It’ll also unlock a few new Parrallel Quests and masters, plus various other cosmetic goodies.

It will not however, unlock The D’s Big Bang Attack, no matter how much I threaten Bandai Namco with big talk that I cannot possibly back up in any way whatsoever. You win this round Bandai Namco.

Last Updated: April 9, 2015

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