Dungeon Keeper is here to ruin your memories

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That's one angry fat meerkat!

Remember Dungeon Keeper? It was one of those fantastic  games from Peter Molyneux’s Bullfrog Studios before EA went and bought the company out, ruining everything. EA still owns all of Bullfrog’s properties, and they’ve decided to resurrect the game. so yes, there’s a new dungeon Keeper..and it’s out right now. It was actually released in mid-December without much fanfare. Try not to get excited though.

Because EA’s gone and ruined it, completely. The game is available as a mobile game for phones and tablets and yes, they’ve gone and turned the whole thing in to a micro-transaction-addled freemium affair.

Taking queues from other casual freemium games like The Simpsons: Tapped Out or Clash of Clans, Dungeon Keeper is still about building a base as the bad guy to try and keep heroes out, but building anything takes forever…unless you pay to make things go faster. Just about everything you do requires gems, which your minions are able to extract from walls at random.  Only there aren’t many to be found. Or you could just whip out your credit card as EA expects and buy them in packs to speed it all up.

In-game micro-transactions have you ponying up for gems – you can buy a “fistful” for /$4.99 or a pile for $9.99.  Feeling saucy? Treat yourself to a Mountain of gems for just $99.99. It’s quite safe to say then, that this is not the sort of thing that anybody wanted for Dungeon Keeper – and frankly, EA ought to be ashamed of itself.

On top of that, the “twisted” new take on the aesthetic that EA’s so proud of basically makes the once dark Dungeon Keeper look like a silly cartoon. Here’s Nerd cubed ranting about it using words that I can’t publish.

Last Updated: January 31, 2014

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