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DUST 514 makes history, more free stuff for PS3 gamers

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DUST 514 swag

CCP has announced some video game history making happenings with its PlayStation exclusive first-person-shooter, DUST 514 and an open beta, here’s more free stuff for gamers who own a PlayStation 3 and love fps games and space things!

What is this “history” being made by CCP you ask? Well they’re merging two of their games, one PC (EVE Online) and one PS3 (DUST 514)| on the same single-shard server. This means a single persistent online universe bridging the PC and console platforms in real time.

CCP is also launching the DUST 514 open beta on 22 January downloadable on PS3 for free, because usually we pay to play open beta’s right? Okay, on a more serious note, I’m definitely going to check this out. If you haven’t seen much about the game, check out this video. Looks amazing!

“The launch of the DUST 514 Open Beta is another step towards our long-term vision for CCP and EVE,” said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP.

“But this is just the beginning.  As we have done with EVE Online, in the coming weeks, and for years to come, we will continually improve upon and add to the DUST 514 experience, as well as add deeper integration between the two games and their communities.”

Last Updated: January 15, 2013

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