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E3 2012: EA Press Conference round-up

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Following the lukewarm heels of Microsoft, EA didn’t have to do too much to wow fans this year. A shorter conference than the massive ones planned by the big three in the industry, EA had ten games to show off this year.

Here’s a look at how it went down.

EA Hit hard with some Visceral footage this year, literally, as they finally debuted Dead Space 3. Stuck on a hostile frozen planet, seperated from his friends, and with far too many Necromorphs wandering around, looks like ol’ Isaac is in for another bad day.

But at least Isaac won’t be alone for long, as Dead Space 3 will have players teaming up to share some scares. All the usual trademarks are there, from time dilation through to mutant-severing attacks, while it seems that the enemies have gotten bigger and badder.

Pity that it looks far too much like Lost Planet so far

Battlefield 3 blared onto stage, with it’s infamous dubstep sound effects, as EA confirmed that Battlefield Premium was a reality. Dropping $50 a year on annual subscription, will carry on the Battlefield experience for those of you dedicated enough to do so, and will include new DLC, expansions, maps, dog tags and motorcycles.

Yep, you heard us right. Motorcycles! VRROOOOOOOOOOOM!

the latest American Foosball popped up, in the shape of Madden NFL 13, in which an athlete who is paid several million dollars a year for taking brain damaging tackles encouraged everyone to make their mark on life.

NFL 13 had all the usual additions to it added this year, with new features, more realistic players, better collisions, and a career mode that includes a fake Twitter inside of it. Twitception then.

Speaking of sports and overpaid ball-handlers, FIFA 13 was also present. EA went on about even more realistic character animations, personalities and management aspects, but seeing as how my knowledge of the sport is less comprehensive than my experience with in an MMA ring, most of the sports jargon flew right over my head. But hey, the game looks fantastic at least.

And since we’re on the subject of MMA, it was with a big surprise that we learnt that THQ had sold their rights to brand to EA, with UFC boss Dana White swaggering onto stage to confirm that a new era was on the way for the popular fighting franchise. If it happens to have any of the fantastic accessibility of the overlooked EA MMA game, then consider me impressed by this news.

As overwhelmingly surprising as that bit of news was, the presentation for Medal Of Honor Warfighter was the exact opposite. Make no mistake, the game looks downright gritty, gorgeous and fantastic, but that’s it has running for it, as it marched out tired trope after trope, in a move that felt devoid of any real imagination.

SimCity also did the rounds, as it showcased a beautiful way to build magnificent structures and tributes to human engineering. And then tear it all down with a flood of natural disasters and Godzilla. It’s not only confined to high end PCs either, as a social network version of SimCity will be making the rounds, in the form of SimCity Social, a Facebook game.

Honestly, it looks pretty damn fantastic so far, and this is coming from a guy who doesn’t even like these genre specific games.

Star Wars the Old Republic was mentioned, in a fully armed and operational speech. It’s in desperate need of a pick-me-up, which EA is doing by releasing a metric crap-load of content for the game, that goes Free-to-play next month. Looks like the Force might soon be strong with this one again.

And then, ending the conference on a strong note, was Crysis 3. It’s all there. The suit, the action, the realism and the ridiculously lush graphics.

Last Updated: June 5, 2012

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