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E3 2012: Sony shows Beyond

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After a needlessly long. dubstep-punctuated montage of current and upcoming games, Sony kicked off its press conference with the personable Jack Tretton taking the stage – saying that PlayStation has the most voracious fans.

And the first game shown? The next game from Quantic Dream – Beyond, a PlayStation exclusive.

Another interactive storytelling experience, Beyond explores what exists between our world – and the other side – what lies beyond death. In Beyond, you’ll explore the life of Jody Holmes over 15 years  – played by Ellen Page – a girl with a connection to the paranormal.

Cage then showed a section of the game, running in real-time on the PlayStation 3 – and it looks incredible.

In a dark and dingy police office, an officer speaks to Judy, who sits, unresponsive to his gentle questions. “I found you by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere,” he asks  setting the tone.“ Was there an accident? Did someone try to hurt you?”

“I know, they’re coming,” she says to nothing, before a SWAT team barges in. Cage says the game will be will emotional and unique.

No release date yet – but I’m excited/

Last Updated: June 5, 2012

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