E3 2012: Take to the seas and streets with Medal of Honour Warfighter

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EA is in sore need of a franchise that can take the throne away from Activision this year, and it seems that they may be swopping quality for quantity this year, in a two pronged attack on Call of Duty.

MOH: Warfighter looks amazing so far, with the latest engine from DICE delivering the works. Unfortunately, that’s about it.

All the usual tropes are there. Modern day soldiers, weapons, and Middle Eastern enemies. Guns gadgets and gizmos, with immersive terrain and realistic animations. And yet, it feels too familiar, stale and underwhelming.

MOH: Warfighter, as spectacular as it looks, comes off more as a clone of existing games, bringing nothing new to the table. Multiplayer might be the salvation here, but Warfighter is going to need something truly special, in order to really stand out.

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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