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E3 2012: The best memes so far

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Every year, something beyond actual video games happens at E3 that captures, and sparks off the imagination of the internet – flooding the internet with hilarious gifs, videos and images and becoming part of its consciousness.

Last year, many of those based on Ubisoft’s methamphetamine-fuelled Mr Caffeine going “Doodely doodely doo,” while in previous years we’ve gotten Translator San, Skittles, and Ravi freaking out to Wii music.

Memes are some of the best things to come out of E3 every year – and these are my favourites of E3 2012 so far.

Iwata staring at Reggie’s head

Most of the fun this year seems to be coming at Nintendo’s expense. After their actual press conference, Nintendo hosted another webcast, showing an expanded look at their games. It, bizarrely, started off with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata staring at a a bunch of bananas for no apparent reason (new Donkey Kong coming, maybe).

The internet’s already created this; jabbing fun at that moment – as well as remixing Reggie Fils-Aime’s “My body WAS ready” comment. I can’t stop watching this.

Wii U Birth

This demonstration of the Core Luge bits of the new Wii U fit were magically edited together to create one of the best fake game promo’s I’ve ever seen. Behold, Wii U Birth – allowing men to experience the wonder of childbirth.

Oh, and this too.


Peter Molyneux can hype a fistbump – but can he deliver?


No, ne he can’t.

There wasn’t too much else from this year’s E3 that was embarrassing or silly enough to get the gif treatment -but I’m sure the Internet’s collective hivemind – particularly the chaps over at neoGAF –  will come up with more soon.

Got any others you’d like to add?

Last Updated: June 6, 2012

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