E3 2012: THQ loses UFC licence

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Probably the most surprising, and interesting tidbit to come out of EA’s conference is that EA sports will now be handling the UFC licence.

THQ’s built up the UFC video games nicely over 3 iterations – and as it’s one of their big earners, it’s a huge loss for the troubled company. 

Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA) announced today a licensing agreement with Zuffa, LLC, to produce and distribute videogames bearing its Ultimate Fighting Championship ® (UFC) brand. The new multi-year, multi-product partnership will provide EA the exclusive rights to develop UFC videogames, which will be developed and marketed under the EA SPORTS™ brand."

Ouch. Really weird seeing Dana White on stage, being all friendly with EA considering their past. Does it mean the next UFC games will have that extra bit of EA polish, or will it be tarnished with the brush of perpetual DLC and online passes?

Of course, it means EA’s MMA will likely never see a sequel…

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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