E3 2014 in pictures – Day Zero

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It’s your typical calm before the storm for E3. The sun is shining, the weather is glorious and if I were to play Geoff’s drinking game of having a shot every time a crazy hobo ranted on past us, I’d be on the waiting list for a new liver by now. Want to see what the LA Convention Center looks like right now? Then grab some popcorn and check out our gallery.

And your banner game for this year is surprise! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

IMG_7625 (Copy)

For some reason, a Titan was left all alone to guard some precious Nvidia cargo.

IMG_4888 (Copy)

Batman gets not one but several massive posters for the 2015 release of Arkham Knight.

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And Mortal Kombat X is also taking up some prime real estate at E3 2014.

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Some energetic podcast farter from The Mother City rocked up.

IMG_4879 (Copy)

And lots more!

IMG_4878 (Copy)IMG_4879 (Copy)IMG_4880 (Copy)IMG_4882 (Copy)IMG_4883 (Copy)IMG_4884 (Copy)IMG_4885 (Copy)IMG_4888 (Copy)IMG_7594 (Copy)IMG_7598 (Copy)IMG_7599 (Copy)IMG_7603 (Copy)IMG_7607 (Copy)IMG_7608 (Copy)IMG_7610 (Copy)IMG_7612 (Copy)IMG_7613 (Copy)IMG_7614 (Copy)IMG_7616 (Copy)IMG_7619 (Copy)IMG_7621 (Copy)IMG_7622 (Copy)IMG_7624 (Copy)IMG_7625 (Copy)IMG_7627 (Copy)IMG_7628 (Copy)

There’s a great attitude permeating the halls right now of the LA Convention Center. Whatever is being announced tomorrow, most likely won’t be seen for a year or two. But early buzz is that we’ll at least be in for one hell of a ride as the new-gen really kicks into gear.

Last Updated: June 9, 2014

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