E3 2015 in pictures – All’s quiet on the LA front

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It is, as usual, a magnificent day here in sunny Los Angeles. The sun burns like the unrelenting rage of Scorpion, desperate actors comb the city streets handing out profile shots of their good side and the Electronic Entertainment Expo is about to kick off. But hang on a second, an event of this magnitude isn’t organised in a mere weekend. It takes ages to set up the inside of Los Angeles Convention Center and I’m pretty certain that the chap hanging Uncharted 4 posters outside is about to experience the game for real when his harness breaks. So what does it look like outside then? Like this!

The zero days of E3, are oddly enough some of my favourite days. You’re allowed to mill around a bit and pick up your media passes, provided that you aren’t taking photos of the inside. Trust me, the staff will crack down on that preeeeeetty quickly, as I discovered my first time here. But seeing it all come together, it’s a magical feeling. It’s a feeling that reminds me why I love video games. When you toss out the politics and day one disappointments, there’s a certain something in the air that’s impossible to bottle.

After all, nothing beats that sensation of getting genuinely pumped for a game. Dismiss any future doubts, live in the now and appreciate the present, that’s the way that I feel. And that’s what E3 is to me. It’s not a promise of things to come in my mind, it’s an explosion of what’s happening right there, right now.

And there’s nowhere else that I’d rather be.

Last Updated: June 15, 2015

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