E3 2015 – Meet Guitar Hero Live’s new rock ‘n roll axe

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THE AXE! Mightiest of weapons in all of mighty Rock ‘n Roll Valhalla! And the plastic version was even better, when strumming out a few chords to the tune of classic metal music. Guitar Hero Live however, is bringing a brand new axe to the table. Check it out.


You might remember the previous generation of Guitar Hero peripherals. Pretty much a decent size, the bulk of the music came from a variety of frets, hammered home like a power-chord on a Metallica album while your other hand jiggled a switch at the base of the guitar. Not too much has changed then with the current Guitar Hero prototype. But it has become a whole new ball-game to become familiar with.

That’s because the current guitar now includes six buttons at the base, divided into black and white columns. The key here, is to hit those keys in succession and on time, but the entirely new physical design actually makes it…challenging. Just ask this local knob who completely failed at strumming out a Green Day song:

I dig it however. As the Guitar Hero Live devs explained to me, it was time for a change. Bringing in the exact same guitar would have been boring. Now, they have an instrument that was new for everyone. And much like an actual guitar/ your zipper, it’s easy to learn and challenging to master. But it felt damn good to have a battleaxe in my hands again as I played some wizard notes. Every once in a while.

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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