E3 2015 – That’s a wrap folks

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We’re pretty much done with our E3 coverage for 2015, with maybe one or two stories still to come next week. Much to the relief of many a fatigued reader on this site. But it was a hell of a show. This year, I was joined by not only my plucky partner in crime Zoe, but one half of our dynamic cabbage duo, Alessandro.

It was a blast hitting the ground this year, as we ran from conference to conference, appointment to lunch and interview to hands on time with games. I guess you could say that we may have walked 500 miles…

Here’s a few interesting facts of our E3 coverage, since we’re in a celebratory mood:

  • Number of E3 2015 stories posted: 200…so far.
  • Number of times I fell asleep at the Sony conference: 3
  • Number of times I shouted that I was awake when Batman or Disney Infinity appeared at the Sony conference: 2
  • Number of times that Alessandro was verbally obliterated by an internet idol of his: 1
  • Number of death stares I received from a certain developer who scares the crap out of me: 7
  • Number of developers who love having Zoe around for interviews: All of them
  • Number of free meals we mooched off on our limited budget: 6. Thanks PR people!
  • Number of times that I thought I would die when my Polish pals decided to snap photos of Inglewood while driving: 5
  • Number of press conferences that we employed sneaky tactics in order to attend: 3
  • Number of people we had to swim through at E3: Too damn many
  • Number of times I lost my passport: Only once, thank f***
  • Number of times security tasered Alessandro: I lost count, it was funny every time
  • Number of times we said “funk-tastic”: 453

What will 2016 bring when we hit E3 again? Hopefully more opportunities to show off my fly dance moves. Hopefully.

Last Updated: June 26, 2015

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