E3 2015–Driving, sailing and flying in Skylanders: Superchargers

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I guess you could say that the Skylanders franchise is now super-large and super-charged.

Skylanders is already a massive franchise. What Activision and its various studios such as Vicarious Visions and Toys For Bob have done with the toys to life genre, is nothing short of massively successful. The numbers alone speak volumes, with each new Skylanders franchise racking up critical and financial acclaim each holiday season.

Last year saw the franchise venture in pocket monster territory with Skylanders: Trap Team. This year, the Skylanders get to put the pedal to the metal and charge into action in Skylanders: Superchargers. And I’m bloody jealous that I’m not a child anymore, as the new range of Skylanders toys made me feel plenty nostalgic. Take a look at what’s to come later this year, with these prototypes of the figures:


As usual, the latest figures are top notch. The actual build is high quality, the design is imaginative and the construction feels solid. And then you’ve got the vehicles. In a hands-off demo, we got to see the new Skylander: Superchargers vehicles in action. The actual gameplay is short and sweet, with vehicles unlocking numerous sections within the game. At one point, we were diving under the water with Reef-Ripper, a submarine that could be outfitted with gadgets and upgrades. Piloted through a section that had 2D elements, the action changed again when the game saw the entry of Hotstreak, a car with flaming blue wheels that would make Ghost Rider himself jealous. By the way, this part of the game involved Hotstreak being driven over the back of a dragon.

Locations changed again, and we were shown some sky combat with Sky-Slicer, an air vehicle that was ready for some dogfighting. There’s a lot of genres at play within the vehicle sections, which Vicarious Visions explained to me was part of a drive to deliver as much content as possible. Optional content that is:

The thing about the game, is that there’s a huge amount of variety and there’s a ton of content. You can play the game from start to finish with just the toys out of the starter pack. The critical path is on foot and driving, but then you have all this extra content with sea and sky sections where we have underwater, we have on top of the water, straightaway fast sections, open arenas for extra exploration, we do have some straight side-scrolling as well.

We really just wanted to deliver as many fun, varied experiences for the vehicles, it was a brand new way to experience the Skylands and we wanted to have as much variety as possible.

The best part about all of this however? The fact that vehicles are designed to be played with in the real world as well. It’s a neat touch, that’ll have kids hooked. And man-children such as myself, I guess.

Last Updated: June 16, 2015

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