E3 2016 – Pokémon Sun and Moon: New visuals, Yungoos,Grubbin and Pipipek Pokémon revealed

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Pokemon! Gotta catch ‘em all! Pocket Monsters this year is following in the footsteps of 2013’s Pokemon X and Y, by refreshing the franchise with a brand new visual style. More mature characters, more vibrant landscapes and compeltely retooled user interfaces to make for a more seamless experience, says Pokemon Sun and Moon director Junichi Masuda.

And of course, brand new Pokémon to catch. At least one new pocket monster has been shown so far during the stream. Say hello to Yungoos, a toothy new fella that you’ll be able to catch.


Here’s the official art for Yungoos:

Yungoos art

And another new Pokemon! I’m going to call him Woody, but his official name is Pipipek:


pipipek art

A new mode was also shown off, a free-for-all battle against three other trainers. Winners in Battle Royals are decided on how many of your own pocket monsters you have at the end of a match, compared to how many people you’ve defeated.

Update: Another wild Pokémon appears! This here is Grubbin, a Bug-type pokémon:



Last Updated: June 14, 2016

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