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E3 Coverage 2011 : Supremacy MMA

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With fighters like Felice Hrrig, Dante Algearey, Jensa Pulver and Jerome LeBanner who wouldn’t be excited for Supremacy MMA? You have no idea who I am talking about, do you? Don’t worry, neither did I until I did a bit of a background check and apparently these guys and gals (yes, I said gals) can throw a punch or two. Hit the jump for Supremacy MMA.

The game is said to ‘celebrate the individual fighters and their diverse fighting styles’ through a personal career mode (told in a stylized motion comic style) that takes you into the lives of a up and coming MMA fighter. You quickly learn that a fighters life in the MMA is all about hard training and fighting in really strange places. From car dealerships to bars, you will face disappointment and defeat.

While you traverse through the career mode you will choose your individual fighting style and then as you progress learn new styles and combine what you know. That said, each fighter also comes with a range of basic moves. You also have the option of activating an adrenaline bar by tapping both triggers simultaneously, this will give you more focus and power and may allow you to unleash a knock-out blow to your opponent.

Apart from the typical game modes including career, online and local multiplayer tournaments, Supremacy MMA also feature the all new Femmes Fatales mode where female fighter do battle. For the first time in any MMA game, you are given the chance to play on the other side of the fence and kick someone in the ovaries.

When it comes to the graphics in Supremacy MMA, it really does look good. The fighter’s features are highly detailed and every arena makes you feel like you are right in the ring kicking ass.

Speaking of kicking ass, right off the bat you are going to notice the level of violence portrayed in Supremacy MMA and for the most part, it all realistically portrays a real life MMA fight. Players will suffer real, devastating injuries and will have to make sure their character doesn’t end up in intensive care or a wheelchair. However, for some reason the developers took the blood level way off the charts of realism. In the demo I played I lost almost enough blood to fill another person, it was funny as hell, but over the top.

Personally, I have always been a UFC fan and went into this one with a whole bag full of scepticism. I am pleased to say that after playing Supremacy MMA and coming away feeling like one hell of a bad-ass, I have come around and can’t wait to get back in the cage… and kick someone in the ovaries of course.

Last Updated: June 17, 2011

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