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E3 Goes Back To It's Bodacious Booth Babe Format

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Finally, after a few years of boring non-awesomeness, it looks like the ESA have finally decided to not be lame and actually change E3 back to the way that it used to be, booth babes and all!

The CEO of the ESA, Michael D. Gallagher had the following to say in his statement regarding E3 2009:

“The 2009 E3 Expo will be the preeminent North American computer and video game event,”

“With robust exhibitor sales, high attendee interest, and strong commitments from multiple industry sectors, we are going to ensure the full excitement and energy of this industry is on display.”

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This seemed like the logical step for the ESA to take, especially considering that last year, a couple of big names like Vivendi, Activision and NCSoft didn’t even bother to go.

Another great change is that the show will no longer be invitation only and is now open for registration.

Now we can get back to the good times of ridiculously large and shiny booths and the babes that populate them, oh , and games, games are good as well.

Source: Kotaku 

[Ed] While Kotaku deserves the credit for the original story I feel it is far more important to point you all in the direction of E3 Girls, a site dedicated to the Booth Babes of yester year.. and hopefully this year.

Last Updated: February 3, 2009

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