E3 MS Press Conference Summary: Part 3

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Avatars, a new Dashboard and Primetime

Microsoft confirmed the rumours that we have heard about Nintendo Mii like characters to be used together with our gamertags. Avatars allow all live users to create a character to represent themselves on Xbox Live much like the Mii’s on the Nintendo Wii, but will allow more detail as well as the ability to customise your Avatar’s clothing, with new clothing releases coming out over time ( Cha-Ching anyone?).

Together with the announcement of the Avatar’s was the first showing of the new Xbox 360 dashboard. The new dashboard is cleaner and allows you to access blades from your guide button, it’s a little tough to explain so you will have to wait for some pics or videos to come up. A new games blade has also been introduced.

Something that really did catch my eye was the new party system. You will know be able to partner up with 7 friends, which will allow you to do various things together. Not only will you be able to all chat in a conference call (something we have needed for ages!) but you will also be able to share photos, move the whole group into a game and even watch movies together.

The other new feature that has been added is called Primetime. It’s kind of like a series of interactive game shows that will allow players to all participate. They seem to be set to play at certain times, so it will be similar to the way television works, but we will have more details on that at another time.

Last Updated: July 15, 2008

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