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E3 Nintendo Press Conference Summary: Part 2

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The New Kids on the Block

As far as new game announcements are concerned a new Rayman Raving Rabbids Motorbike game that has the player sitting on the Wii Balance Board and and holding the controller and nunchuck like motorbike handles, it looks pretty awesome however I can see my arms getting really tired after a short while. The next game announced was GTA: Chinatown Wars for the DS, while this was quite a surprise and could be really good, we weren’t really given much information about it, I hope it’s cool. Another announced game was Spore Creatures, which looks

Earlier this week we already saw the news that Nintendo had announced the WiiMotion Plus, a little extra dongle add-on thingamajig that know makes the WiiMotes motion sensitivity way more accurate.

Well, along with that and to introduce it to the market, Nintendo announced a new Wii Sports title, named Resort. They showed off some of the new games, such as a sword dueling game ( which is more of what I expected from Clone Wars), a Frisbee game where you throw it and a dog catches it as well as a Jet Skiing game that uses the controllers like motorbike handles (see Rayman game above).


Nintendo’s last showing was there alternative and more casual answer to games like Rockband and Guitar Hero and again, in typical Nintendo fashion, is named Wii Music. Now, Wii Music doesn’t come with instruments like guitars and drum sets, but makes use of the Wiimote, its peripherals as well as the Balance board as pedals for drumming.

Now, this idea seemed really accessible and cool, but only up to the point where I realised that the game doesn’t seem to actually require any skill whatsoever and mostly just has you mimicking the movements of someone playing the instrument.

Last Updated: July 16, 2008

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