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E3 Sony Press Conference: Part 1

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Your up Sonny, err, I mean Sony.

So after the impressive announcements made by Microsoft, it was Sony’s turn to shock and awe the gaming nations of the world and they knew that they had their work cut out for them, especially with the blow they took when MS announced Final Fantasy XIII.

They kicked off by discussing the PS3 and stating how last year was a year of hardware and how this year will be dominated by their software.

Things kicked off with a new trailer showing some gameplay from the single player campaign of Resistance 2 and I must say that it is looking really beautiful and really massive, coupled together with its new multiplayer, I think it’s set to be a must buy for PS3 owners.

Quite Nifty

Sony did something incredibly cool in their next section. They managed to both show off one of their upcoming games and discuss sales figures and statistics at the same time. What they did was create a level in Little Big Planet that has graphs and info pieces built into it as well as a few other nifty things.

I think it was really creative and really did well to show both elements in a great light. It was also confirmed that Little Big Planet will be available in October of this year.

Sony also announced that they would be releasing a new Family PS2 bundle, with Lego Batman and a Justice League DVD to help target younger audiences for $149 US dollars.

Last Updated: July 16, 2008

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