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E3 Sony Press Conference: Part 2

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Pushing PSN

A lot of time in the conference was spent discussing what Sony has planned for PSN as social interaction and all-round media functionality is proving to be an important part of consoles in this generation.

Sony announced that you will now be able to access your PSN via the internet on a PC as well as with your PS3 so that you can do things like send messages and check statistics. It’s a nice touch but it feels like they are still playing a bit of catch-up with Xbox Live.

A nice surprise however was that they announced a new Ratchet & Clank, titled “Quest for Booty” that will be sold for $14.99 exclusively on the PSN service. A short trailer was shown and the game is looking incredibly cool.

Sony then went on to announce or show more titles that are coming for PSN. Titles such as: Crash Commando, Fat Princess, PixelJunk Monsters, Pain: Amusement Park, Flower, Siren: Bloodcure and Ragdoll Kung-Fu (Awesome!). With a pretty strong line-up, gaming on PSN looks to be a good place to be in 2008.

And… Action

Sony also announced that they are doing a lot more to their online movie and rental service. Not only will the service allow you to watch movies as they download, but you will also have the ability to easily transfer the music or movie to your PSP and have it on both devices at the same time. It looks to be a pretty solid service and should do well to hold its own against the massive Netflix partnership that Microsoft announced this week. A nice surprise was that the service will be available from today!

What I really found to be great, the petrolhead that I am, was the showing of Gran Turismo TV. It is an entire service dedicated to automotive programming. It has everything from coverage of race and drift events all the way to car reviews and the entire seasons of Top Gear. I was drooling, no other way to say it.

Last Updated: July 16, 2008

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