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E3 is all about games, hands on previews, developer interviews and hoping that you’re lucky enough to score a free lunch in the press lounge. To other attendees however, it’s about something far more valuable than a great experience. It’s about…swag.

Of which plenty of the stuff is handed out at the event. And then promptly put up for sale on eBay. Yes sir, the great swag lines of E3 2015 were out in full force once again this year. Take the Bethesda press conference for instance:

Once that show had ended, the announcement that the people inside were going to get a few free collectibles, crescendoed louder than the proper reveal for Fallout 4. Limited edition swag, which pretty much went up on eBay minutes after the announcement:

Bethesda E3

You know what also commands a premium price on eBay? Armour shaders from Destiny apparently, codes of which were handed out after going hands on with the game. Seriously, look at these crazy prices:

Destiny E3

Blergh. You know, as much as I’d like a $100 right now, I think I’m just going to give my Destiny Blacksmith shader away. Here, fastest fingers win. All you have to do is guess the missing digit/letter:

Destiny shader

T-shirts! You can’t have an E3 without T-shirts being handed out. And there were plenty of them available, if you wanted. But some people wanted them more.

E3 shirts

The biggest draw however? Once again, Skylanders and Disney Infinity:

E3 Infinity

E3 Skylanders

I got given one of those Skylander limited edition Hotstreak cars. You know what I’m doing with it? Sending it off to a kid I know, who happens to be the biggest damn Skylander fan around. I also got a Darth Maul Disney Infinity figure, but I’m too shallow to let go of it, due to my crippling addiction to the series. IT’S MINE DAMMIT!

Swag yo. I’m honest enough to admit that I brought some of that stuff home from E3. But I didn’t actively pursue obtaining it. I’m usually too broke to be able to afford any souvenirs when I’m in LA, thanks to our foreign exchange rate which has been nailed with a Stone Cold Stunner. Some of it I keep. Some of it I give away to friends. Because I genuinely can look at these items and relive some fond memories of the event.

Last Updated: June 23, 2015

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