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EA Access is finally on PlayStation 4 (and it kinda sucks)

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EA Access, the company’s subscription service allowing players to download from a vault of EA games has finally launched on the PlayStation 4. Originally an Xbox One exclusive that eventually found its way to PC, EA Access lets players pay a set monthly or annual fee (that’s R48.50 per month, or R299 annually) to download and play many of EA’s games. It’s now available on PlayStation 4 at the same price as it is on other platforms – and it kinda sucks.

On PC, the service (known as Origin Access) has quite a few older games, plus a few games that aren’t even published by EA. On Xbox One, the service also comes with a host of Xbox 360 games, available to play through the system’s frankly magical backwards compatibility.

On PlayStation 4? Well, you’re stuck with just the games that have been released by the publisher during this console generation. Here’s the entire list of games available on PS4’s EA Access:

  • A Way Out
  • Battlefield 1
  • Battlefield 4
  • Battlefield V
  • Battlefield Hardline
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered
  • Fe
  • FIFA 17
  • FIFA 18
  • FIFA 19
  • Madden 19
  • Mass Effect Andromeda
  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
  • NBA Live 18
  • NBA Live 19
  • Need for Speed
  • Need for Speed Payback
  • Need for Speed Rivals
  • NHL 17
  • NHL 18
  • NHL 19
  • Peggle 2
  • Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare
  • Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Star Wars Battlefront II
  • The Sims 4
  • Titanfall 2
  • UFC
  • UFC 2
  • UFC 3
  • Unravel
  • Unravel 2

That’s a miserly list of content when compared to the other platforms. At least you do still get the other benefits of EA Acesss, which are a 10% discount on purchases, and a 10-hour-long trial of brand new EA games before you have to pay for them. Your progress in these games carries over too. It’s just not nearly as good a value proposition on Sony’s console as it is elsewhere.

Last Updated: July 25, 2019


  1. Admiral Chief Umbra

    July 25, 2019 at 12:34

    I’d love to give BattleFront 1 and 2 (EA remEAkes) a go, but only the SP for the story, if there is any


  2. Allykhat

    July 25, 2019 at 12:59

    Not even Anthem? That’s a surprise.


  3. WickedMONK3Y

    July 25, 2019 at 14:05

    The Premier one for PC/Xbox is a lot better with the new games included for free in full. Too bad Anthem was such a fail or Premier would have been worth it.


  4. Marius Nell

    July 25, 2019 at 12:27

    True, it is a lot less considering the backwards compatibility of the xbox but if there is atleast 2 games you want to play its well worth is.


  5. Voiceless Bard

    July 26, 2019 at 21:26

    It does suck. Thankfully I only got a month of it, but when I did I was expecting to be able to play through the Mass Effect games, as well as some Skate 3 and SSX. Pretty sure I won’t be putting any more money into this.


  6. TwittenB

    August 19, 2020 at 17:44

    You seriously just gonna use ZAR?
    Get out of here. https://media2.giphy.com/media/9Vb9gWFgb9a4zUXDSW/giphy.gif


  7. dBassDrumr

    January 1, 2021 at 18:35

    Fallen Order is 80 CAD. 30 bucks to play it plus all the other titles per year is good value. They’ll have to keep updating the catalogue to keep me though.


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