EA are revealing a new Need for Speed later this week

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One gaming genre I tend to overlook or ignore completely these days (other than SPURTS) is that of the VROOM VROOM kind. It’s surprising actually, seeing as I am not completely bored by cars and tend to drool over them in real life. The thing is, I used to dig racing games. The franchise that pulled me in fully years ago was Need for Speed. I played Hot Pursuit into the ground towards the end of the 90s, and then I got hooked on later iterations, Underground, and its sequel, Underground 2. I even played Carbon a little. Those later titles were fantastic; Neon lighting, sexy cars, kickass soundtracks, and TJOONING… what wasn’t to like? Then I lost interest completely – the games became a little too serious/washed out for my liking. That may all change though, as there is a new Need for Speed on the way, and it hints at being a spiritual successor to the one iteration I loved most, Underground.

EA dropped this image on the game’s official Facebook Page (via VG247):


Under normal circumstances (i.e. if you have a horrible washed out screens like I do) I would call this the worst teaser ever. Text on a plain, black image? TERRIBLE!

Thankfully, the Internet is full of smart people. Their knowledge (i.e. Photoshop brightness power) revealed the following image:


As you can see, it’s two sexy cars partaking in some casual street racing (judging by the city backdrop). Are we getting an Underground sequel? If yes, I may have to dive into the racing genre once more. I guess we’ll just have to keep an eye on the official YouTube and see what the big reveal is this Thursday.

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Are you excited? CAN YOU SMELL THE BURNING RUBBER? Can you smell the real-world money you’ll have to spend on upgrade parts?


Last Updated: May 19, 2015

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