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EA backs down over Australian pricing

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The battle may be won but the war is just beginning

On Monday we joined in with our Australian brethren to complain about the ridiculous pricing of the digital only Battlefield 3 Premium. My worry at the time was that if we allowed this to happen it would happen to us soon enough.

Thankfully enough people got upset to create a sizeable Internet mob which then decided to lay siege to the Battlefield 3 forums until EA finally agreed to stop ripping off its consumers and has now dropped the price of the Australian version down to close to what the US pays.

Anyone who picked up the PS3 version at the inflated price will now receive a refund in their accounts and we can all live happily ever after.

Why EA tried to get away with this in the first place is still worrying and even though this battle has been won we need to stay vigilant and ensure that pricing models don’t become overly regionalised. If they want to sell us on digital only then I want to see the digital versions being sold for far less than the retail ones, I mean we’ve been told for years the reason things cost so much here is due to shipping, customs, logistics etc… so don’t accept their new excuses.

Last Updated: June 13, 2012

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