EA Buying Take-Two… People are worried

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So the rumours are flying about EA Games acquiring Take-Two with or without their consent. People are watching the stocks and it looks like EA Games are snapping up Take-Two’s stock by the barrel load.

So is this a god thing or bad thing for us as gamers?

I am in two minds about it personally, I think EA Games’s new direction and IP is fantastic. They are moving away from the easy franchises and opening themselves up for some new great IP’s (Army of Two, Spore, Tiberium)…

However they do have a track record of shutting up shop when things get bumpy, closing no less than 13 studios since 1998 alone…

So is it good or not that they may ‘save’ Take-Two? I am sitting on the fence on this one. I honestly don’t know.

Click through for the full list of studios that EA closed

  • 1998: Original HQ in San Mateo, California – moved to Redwood City
  • 2000: EA Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland – established in 1996 as part of Origin
  • 2001: Kesmai (known also as GameStorm); acquired in 1999
  • 2001: Bullfrog Productions in Surrey, England – acquired in 1995
  • 2002: EA Seattle in Seattle, Washington – formerly Manley & Associates, acquired in 1996
  • 2003: Westwood Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada – acquired in 1998
  • 2003: EA Pacific (known for a time as Westwood Pacific) in Irvine, California – formerly part of Virgin Interactive, acquired with Westwood in 1998
  • 2004: Origin Systems in Austin, Texas – acquired in 1992
  • 2004: Maxis in Walnut Creek, California – acquired in 1997, moved to Redwood City
  • 2006: DICE Canada in London, Ontario (created Battlefield 2: Special Forces expansion, Battlefield Vietnam, and all BF2 patches). Acquired DICE fully October 2, 2006; closed DICE Canada studio hours later.
  • 2007: EA Japan in Tokyo, Japan – closed due to consolidation; moved under EA Partners model
  • 2007: EA UK in Chertsey, United Kingdom, relocated to Guildford
  • 2007: EA Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. Closed due to failure to meet profit targets.

News: Every Studio EA’s Bought and Closed – ComputerAndVideoGames.com

Last Updated: February 27, 2008

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