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EA “doesn’t want to be viewed as the worst company” anymore

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For a record  two years running now, EA has managed to secure the dubious accolade of winning the title of “The Worst Company in America.” That’s after going up against banks that foreclose on people’s homes and price small businesses to bankruptcy. EA doesn’t want to be seen in such a negative light anymore.

"When we got this the second time around, if you don’t think about it as an executive in the company, you probably are not doing the right thing," EA’s Patrick Soderlund told Kotaku.

"We started thinking about how we don’t want to be viewed as the worst company in America. I personally don’t think we’ve ever been the worst company in America, but it says something. The consumers out there are telling us something. And we actually took it very seriously.”

“We and [EA chief operating officer] Peter Moore and a couple of other guys in the executive company got together to try to understand what caused people to say these things. And there were some things out there that…consumers told us they didn’t like. Online pass was one thing."

EA now has a new chief, in boyish Andrew Wilson, who really wants to change the philosophy at EA. He wants people to really feel like they’re getting value – both monetary and temporal – from EA’s products.

“There are lots of really big public companies that make a lot of money that are loved by their consumers. That’s because the consumers feel like they get value from that company in the investment in their dollars [and] time.

“Any time we create something, if you’re asking for an investment from the consumer in dollars and time, make sure they feel like they’re stealing from you and that they are getting the best end of that deal and the rest will follow. And that will be our philosophy”

Is it possible for EA to turn their image around? they’ve dropped online passes, and now offer a 24 hour refund period on games bought through Origin. they’re certainly trying – but is it enough?

Last Updated: November 5, 2013

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