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EA FIFA 2008 AGASA Qualifiers

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image So you think you are the best in the country at FIFA 2008? Do you want to receive your national colours and stand in line to represent South Africa at the World Cyber Games later this year?

If so then I hope you live in Gauteng as the national FIFA 2008 championships will be held at Sandton City Fountain court on the 28th, 29th and 30th of March.

They are expecting 512 participants to turn up to compete for the title of national champion to be decided over 3 days at Sandton using the PlayStation 3 console.

You can either just rock up and play on the day or rather if you are truly serious head on over to www.agasa.co.za and sign up for the event.

Sandton City is about 5 minutes walk from my offices so I will be signing up just for the fun of it.

For more information check the official FIFA website

Let’s show EA how good we really are and convince them that we need to go to the WCG to represent our country.

On a side note you would think that EA would be sending out press releases about this so that I didn’t have to stumble across it while browsing the local forums…

Last Updated: March 18, 2008

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