EA Games admits difficulty developing on the PS3

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Burnout 360 vs PS3

In what a conference call on Friday EA games admitted to something that is likely to cause a lot of anger in the gaming industry. Apparently they have said that they are still playing catch up to the 360 in the development arena and at the moment if they use the 360 as the lead platform or develop in parallel then the PS3 version is still a problem.

However there is some good news in that tunnel since Burnout: Paradise City used the PS3 as the lead platform and then they had no problem porting across to the 360 with little to no difference between the versions.

So from my point of view it just looks like they should be using the PS3 as the lead platform then, however I have a feeling that isn’t going to happen unilaterally since the 360 makes them the most money.

News: EA: PS3 dev still hasn’t caught up with 360 – ComputerAndVideoGames.com

Last Updated: February 4, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • Fox1

    Yes, it will be difficult to develop across both platforms because both understand different instruction sets and have different architecture. I wonder if EA believes that they could have done more with Burnout if they went for a single platform???

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