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EA is passing off greed as innovation

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The new Dungeon Keeper for mobile platforms is a free to play nightmare. The game asks players to spend vast amounts of real world money to speed up the game’s laboriously long timers. The game has been the near universal target of derision. EA’s Frank Gibeau has it figured out. He reckons the reason it wasn’t well received is that EA tried to innovate too much.

Dungeon Keeper suffered from a few things,” Gibeau told GamesIndustry (via Escapist). “I don’t think we did a particularly good job marketing it or talking to fans about their expectations for what Dungeon Keeper was going to be or ultimately should be.”

Gibeau says EA is keen on bringing up old licences and expressing them in new ways, but admits that the publisher may have faltered a bit. Not by admitting they’re greedy though; he says EA has innovated too much.

“Brands ultimately have a certain amount of permission that you can make changes to, and I think we might have innovated too much or tried some different things that people just weren’t ready for,” he said. “Or, frankly, were not in tune with what the brand would have allowed us to do.”

Dungeon Keeper will continue as is, and they’re probably not going to repeat that mistake.

“Are we going to sequel it? Probably not,” Gibeau said. “But we don’t want to just shut stuff off and walk away. You can’t do that in a live service environment.”

Essentially, with this “tried some different things that people just weren’t ready for”, Gibeau implies that they’ll do the same thing  – but they’ll easy you in to it. Genius.

Last Updated: July 10, 2014

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