EA On Online Pass: "No Significant Pushback From The User"

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The new EA CFO, Eric Brown, went on record at the Deutsche Bank 2010 Technology Conference discussing the backlash from EA’s Online Pass system, or lack thereof.

According to Brown, the Online Pass hasn’t resulted in a rebellion against the companies products, and they’ve actually seen a slight increase in sales, with NCAA Football and Madden 11 selling 8 and 6% more than the previous year’s versions. So the plan to reduce used game sales seems to be working.

Brown went on to say, “”People know bandwidth isn’t free, so the fact that we’re diffusing online costs isn’t seen as unreasonable.” He carried on to say that this is a way to partially fund the development costs of games, which always seems to be rising, or for the operation of the game servers. While the morality of Online Pass can be disputed, at least its benefiting the gamers and not paying for a private jet.

In case you’ve forgotten, Online Pass is a system where used game purchasers have to pay an additional fee to access online features such as multiplayer.

Source: Gamasutra (via Joystiq)

Last Updated: September 16, 2010

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