EA South Africa has closed

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You’ll remember way back in early May we broke the news that EA was closing down it’s local offices and palming off the local distribution to an independent distributor.

We reached out to all local EA employees and their Australian overlords at the time for a comment and were summarily ignored. In fact we haven’t actually heard a thing from them since then and now that E3 is over we started to breathe again and follow up on some old stories.

One being the EA one and guess what? Back on the 6th of June EA Games gave an official comment to dogaming and have confirmed that they are indeed shutting down.

In their article they claim that “other media outlets” were speculating; thanks for the link back! We appreci.. oh wait you didn’t. Anyway moving on.

When asked for comment we had the following to say

“We told you so”

So what was our speculation? Well we said the new distributor hadn’t yet been chosen but we expect Apex Interactive to have a good chance as they were already sub-distributing EA titles at the time. Well EA has now confirmed that it has slashed all but two jobs in South Africa with Ralph Spinks (marketing) and Grant Oliver (Sales) being spared the cut. Apex has been confirmed as the new official EA Games distributor locally and the rest of the staff have been let go with fair compensation packages.

This is a major coup for Apex who have now moved from a previous 5th place a few years back to now being easily in the top 3.. granted there are only 3 left but the EA Games suite is a huge boost for what has always seemed to be a nice group of guys and girls.

Ralph Spinks has been a part of EA longer than we’ve been around so it’s no surprise he has stayed on board and since we don’t deal with sales I have no idea who Grant is – but we wish them the best of luck working in their reduced capacity. 

As for the Australian PR guys we reached out to; thanks for nothing. We look forward to seeing you at Gamescom later this year.

Last Updated: June 24, 2013

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

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