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EA Sports: Next Generation Sporting Games

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EAPress Conference


EA have been pumping out sports games for as long as I can remember. It’s no surprise that they would have a focus on this genre at their conference.

First up is the showcase of NBA Live14. There is a huge focus on how the game has been improved with the implementation of ball handling, and there is a huge focus on it. You will have much more control of the ball in game, which should make for more seamless dribbling. Another new feature is that of live updating. As stuff happens in the real world, your player stats and such will be updated in game. Personally, I can’t quite say I’ve been a fan of basketball games (although I do enjoy the sport to some extent), the game does look like it will be the best iteration yet.

I’ve never quite understood the passion behind American Football, but EA Madden 25 is one of EA’s biggest games. The AI has been tweaked, promising a more realistic game sense from the players in game. For example, if there is a player making a run, he will instinctively dodge and jump to avoid any obstacles.

Fifa 14 makes an obvious appearance, much to the delight of the crowd. This is one game that I know always does exceedingly well. I know multitudes of people who purchase each years iteration without fail, and it dominates their gaming schedule for months and months, at least until the next Fifa is released. Performing artist Drake makes an appearance, and he talks about his passion for football and his love for Fifa. There are some new tweaks to the game. The stadium is said to come to life, showcasing the feel and vibe of the in game audience. The ball control looks more tight, and some features come to light. The players think intelligently and move like proper athletes, making the game just that bit more realistic. Football fans will not be disappointed!

Next up there is talk of the latest UFC game. Various fighters are presented on stage to throw in their comments about the upcoming game. The game is said to have full body deformation, ensuring some brutal visuals. There is also talk of how fighting strategies can be adjusted to suit whatever scenario is presented. If you’re a fan of fighting games in general, this one is definitely for you.

Last Updated: June 10, 2013

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  1. FIFA 14 on the next gen…. I will be playing it on current gen thank you!!!


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