EA Sports to make a New NBA Jam?

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Midway is dead. Warner Bros. picked up its festering barely re-animated corpse, along with most of its intellectual property (Braaaaaaaaains!). One licence that they didn’t acquire though is a particular favourite of mine, and if the rumours are right is one that we may see again – courtesy of EA Sports.

According to ESPN, EA sports have been tasked with bringing the NBA Jam series back to life, under the helm of Mark Turmell – the series original creator – who now works for EA.

If you’re too young to remember, NBA Jam was a wildly popular, coin-sucking 2-on-2 action arcade game, featuring caricatured real-life basketball players, wildly exaggerated  physics and fire. It was an insanely fun 2 player competitive experience, one that I’d be ridiculously excited about, save for one caveat. According to ESPN the game will “ship to retail exclusively for the Wii.” Boo!

Hopefully that “retail” wording means that the game will make its way to XBLA and PSN, but there’s no mention of it in ESPN’s report. We wait anxiously for word from EA.


Source : ESPN

Last Updated: January 6, 2010

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