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EA to scale up Star Wars: Battlefront 2 servers due to Epic Games Store giveaway

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Star Wars: Battlefront 2, specifically the Celebration Edition, is the latest game to be hit by the Epic Game Store Effect, a phenomenon that’s been around for some time not but I’m the one who is officially giving it a name (I think).

Due to the game being dished out for free by Epic Games, it’s seen a massive influx of new players arrive and do their best to survive the gigantic battles of blasters, lightsabers, and starships. It’s a good time, especially if you’re a veteran and enjoying dunking on all those inexperienced rookies. The only thing really standing in your way? The servers, which couldn’t keep up with all the new players.


Fortunately EA has confirmed that it’s aware of the situation and is working on upscaling the game’s servers. The majority of complaints have come from error codes 623, 721, and 918 which all denote server problems. In response to the frequency of these crashes, EA tweeted out, “Seeing Error Message 623 or 918 in #StarWarsBattlefrontII? Sit tight, we’re on it! An incredible number of players have joined us during our @EpicGames Store free week and we’re scaling up new servers to welcome you all to the Battlefront.”


A follow up tweet was published confirming that the issue had been solved but players have continued to struggle to play the game. So who knows, maybe this is the best EA can do and we’ll all just have to deal with Battlefront 2 being spotty until all the new players trying it out get bored and leave the game. That’s the other part of the Epic Game Store Effect: People eventually getting bored and moving on.

Last Updated: January 18, 2021

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