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EA: We’re changing, honest!

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For two years in a row, EA has won the dubious honour of being voted the “Worst company in America,” because charging people for videogame guns and costumes is a far more heinous crime than repossessing people’s houses. Still, EA has taken it all to heart, and wants to change.

"We take it very seriously and want to see it change," EA Labels president Frank Gibeau said of the polls. "In the last few months, we have started making changes to the business practices that gamers clearly don’t like.”

"In the spring, we dropped our online pass program for consoles – both next-generation and current-generation. We listened to the feedback on SimCity and decided that The Sims 4 would be built as a single-player, offline experience."

That doesn’t mean that they won’t continue making freemium mobile games or saddled their games with DLC and microtransactions though; it is where most of their money comes from.

Gibeau continued: "We announced some new intellectual properties at E3 and will unveil more new games in the months ahead. We’ve launched an initiative to help players transition to the new consoles. We want to make moving day a lot easier by allowing players to carry forward their achievements. And there’s much more to come. The point is we are listening, and we are changing."

I really hope EA can turn its image around. As much as everybody hates on them and their policies, they still are responsible for developing and publishing some of the very best games we’ve ever played, and are likely to play.

Last Updated: July 25, 2013

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