EA wins best LGBT workplace third year running

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EA has been doing all kinds of things to make themselves seem more appealing. From giving away free games to releasing a beloved Bioware title, people are finding fewer reasons to hate EA. Now there is another one.

For the third year running, EA has earned a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign for corporate equality. The equality is measured across a range of criteria, including equal partner benefits, organizational competency on LGBT issues and a public commitment to promoting equality for the broader community.

It makes sense to me – EA has always promoted equality in their games, with same sex relationships available in The Sims and Bioware titles. Plus, they have a Head of Diversity and Inclusion – if you have a job title like that, it must be something that you take seriously. Said head honcho, Andre Chambers, said about the award:

We are very honored to be recognized again as a ‘Best Place to Work’. We believe that fostering an inclusive environment helps us to create great games, and represent our diverse set of players and I’m proud to work at a company that has strong employee values.

It’s nice to see companies showing such strong commitment to equality in the workplace. While there are still issues in EA’s corporate philosophy, I strongly believe that it’s because they have a team of people from a range of backgrounds that they are able to make such rich and interesting games. It’s not just about including women for quotas or because it’s politically correct – it’s about having a workplace filled with people from all walks of life so that gamers from all backgrounds can identify with the stories told in EA games. So, congratulations, EA – it’s nice to have a happy story about you.

Last Updated: November 27, 2014

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