EA’s building its games for for high-end PCs first, then scaling back for console

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The PC may be the premier place to play games when it comes to visuals, but the platform has its fair share of issues when it comes to games – one of them is the relative prevalence of middling console ports. There’s a strong and often justified perception that PC gamers end up with the short straw when it comes to Blockbuster AAA games. Often, PC versions are mildly broken. Sometimes they’re downright unplayable. Largely though, they’re just not build for the PC platform – ported across from consoles without the rich feature-sets PC gamers love and crave.

That may not be the case with EA games going forward. According to the company’s CFO Blake Jorgensen, EA says its builds its games for the highest-end PCs, and the scales backwards for the other platforms.

“We build all of our games to the highest possible spec, which is typically a high-powered PC, and as the consoles come in, [which] may not be the highest spec, we may actually dummy down the console product to meet the spec of the console. In a world where the console looks more and more like a PC, that’s good for us.”

That sort of development is good for all of us, really – especially as the consoles shift towards essentially being PC’s. It’ll make scaling a lot simpler, and it really just makes sense. It’s one of the reasons that EA has shifted development of all of its games to the Frostbite engine. Keeping one engine up to spec is a lot cheaper and more efficient than maintaining a dozen disparate ones.

Hopefully this does mean that PC will finally be home to great versions of Madden, NHL and all the other franchises that have largely ignored the platform for years.

Last Updated: November 18, 2016

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