EA’s raised the bar with online passes for SSX

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EA were the leaders in the creation of the online pass phenomenon and have now found a way to improve the entire idea that will not only bring in more money for them but will likely quieten down a lot of the complaints about the online pass system.

SSX will include an online pass but at the same time if you pick up the game second hand from your local gaming retailer you will still be able to play online… but how does that work?

Well it’s simple, when you have the game without an online pass you are still allowed to play online and join the world events going on. The catch however is that any credits you win will be stored against your account but you will not be able to spend them to improve your player without buying a pass.

So not only does this allow second hand purchases to experience the world of online multiplayer but they aren’t losing anything either. All their credits are available to them once they unlock the pass and can then continue as normal.

I personally think it’s a genius move that Call of Duty will instantly copy this year. They know that multiplayer is the reason they have so many people playing their game and the first person to break into Bobby Koticks office this morning and sell the idea of free online until you get to level 20 and then you can’t rank any further without an online pass will win a swimming pool.

Once you’ve got to level 20 you’re hooked and at the same time it lets retailers off the hook as the second hand game is online enabled still.

Yes it’s not as good as the old standard free multiplayer but you know this is going to take off in a big way.

Last Updated: January 31, 2012

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