EA’s senior management isn’t changing

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Rumours abounded recently that EA’s stockholders were unhappy with the direction that EA boss John John Riccitiello was taking the company. Mostly, they were upset that he was taking it away from “profitability.” Those same rumours said that the money hungry investor types wanted his head – and that he’d be replaced by the Man who killed the Dreamcast, Peter Moore.

Dispelling the rumours completely, EA chairman Larry Probst said "the board has a very high level of confidence in John [Riccitiello] and the management team…They’ve done a really good job of exceeding their operating plan in the last two fiscal years. We think the strategy is spot on going forward and we have a high level of confidence they will execute well against that strategy."

"At this point in time,” he said “there is absolutely no plan to replace John as the CEO. We have a high level of confidence in both him and the management team."

I’m actually not too happy with this. Personally, I couldn’t care less about EA’s financial situation – as long as they keep pumping out great games. I would just like to see more of Peter Moore (currently’ EA’s sports games boss), and have him take up more of the public spotlight. He’s brimming with enthusiasm and personality – while Riccitiello has all the stage persona of a house plant.

Last Updated: July 27, 2012

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