Editorial – The Problem With Rage 2010

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I would just like to personally thank our reader Uncle for allowing us to repost this entry from his personal blog Uncle’s Opinion.

I attend rAge each year and while I’m never really blown away I usually always enjoy myself and spend a few hours there.

This year however I felt the expo took a step back from last year. Firstly certain games that were supposed to be on demo never arrived, for example Fable 3. Many people only come to rAge for a hands-on with an upcoming game. When the games are advertised to be there and are not there it’s a serious problem, whether it was the fault of the distributor screwing up or the developer not releasing code, it’s bad form.

It was laughable to walk past a GT 5 setup, look at the screen, and see a download progress bar instead of the demo.

Timing was also a major problem this year. There were some cool events supposed to take place but they all seemed to be running late. For instance the MMA exhibition match was supposed to start at 11h00 on Saturday and at 11h30 they still couldn’t find all the fighters. I got bored and left before I saw anything, not that I actually would have seen anything the viewing for just about every stand/game/demo/stage show was shocking. About 20-30 people could view at a time on most stands and they would congest the walk ways for everyone else and you’d have to be tall to see anything.

To fix this issue, they could make use of the main stage, which should be the focal point of the whole expo. I didn’t even see the main stage and most people I’ve spoken to didn’t see it either or didn’t go to it because it was hidden at the far edge of the expo. Demos, presentations, stage shows and even prizes all done right on the main stage can be used to create a excitement and a fun atmosphere. Bring back competitive gaming at rAge. I remember watching semi-finals and finals on the big screen and cheering on a team, where has that gone? A central main stage run on time with exciting things happening all day would really make the show. I think the dome as a venue has run its course too, why not try another venue without the terrible parking and circular limitations the dome has?

Games were tough to play most of the time. You need people controlling the demos/releases to ensure that everyone gets a turn. I watched 4 guys play PES 2011 and not move for 10 minutes to give other people a chance and this sort of thing happened to me throughout my time at rAge 2010. Not only should people’s time be limited but also the people managing the game should know how to play it. I asked the guy at the EA MMA demo how to defend against take downs. He casually replied “Oh, I don’t know” before walking away, which pissed me off! If you are going to pay money to setup an exhibit and hire people to attend to it at least put in the goddamn effort to have them know how to play the games you demo!

Finally my last gripe is with the free stuff given at rAge. I love free stuff like anyone, but I saw 2 guys almost come to fisticuffs over a stretched/damaged t-shirt… a t-shirt people. Attendees were fighting over free plastic pens and general nonsense stuff that they won’t touch in a few days. It was honestly disgusting to watch and made me ashamed to be a gamer due to the mob mentality. Raffle tickets or, as I’ve seen previously, questions about the company/exhibitor are great ways to give away prizes and things are kept orderly.

All in all I was disappointed with rAge 2010. The gaming community really needs to demand better organization and efficiency in the expo. This year felt lackluster and not well thought out. Just my opinion.

You can visit Uncle’s personal blog, Uncles Opinion, by clicking here.

Last Updated: October 5, 2010

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