Elite Transfer Cable and BioShock screw up

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I sent a few questions over to Microsoft South Africa about how they managed to screw up the BioShock release and how we can get our hands on the Data Transfer cable… Also how about some price cuts being sent our way?

Well here are the answers…

Elite Data Transfer Cable
Currently we will have to follow the exact same routine as our American cousins. Which is to fill in this form and send it off. Microsoft will then send us back the cable…

MI Digital will not be receiving stock of these cables, yet this may change in the future…

I am to scared to answer this so I will just quote 😉

With regards to Bioshock …There was a delay as the distribution agreement on this title changed for SA and the lead times that are required to complete  localisation were simply not  long enough to fall in line with the international release dates . I am fully aware of the implications and let me assure you that this is by no means a scenario we are happy with and that we have put measures and processes in place to:….. (stop this happening…)

Price Cuts
Microsoft SA has received no notice of whether we will be receiving price cuts. Which is very annoying as we are now out of line with the EU which we have always taken our lead from.

Hopefully we hear something at rAge…

So that’s it… sorry for not being able to give you any good news at all but I’m just the messenger…

Last Updated: August 29, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I’ve read up a little on this and it appears that the transfer cable comes with the elite? I could be wrong but that’s what they claim on some sites, I think on http://www.xbox.com

  • doobiwan

    Hmm, maybe some one should give trade station a heads up and they can rent them out?

  • Ruslan

    The cable does not ship with the Elite. I guess I will have to fill in the form for the cable, not that I really have anything to copy across other than the R6 Red & Black packs to be honest.

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