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Elite's are selling out… or badly stocked?

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In the US recently it has become increasingly difficult to get your hands on a Xbox 360 Elite. The rumours have already started about Microsoft readying to announce a new SKU and at the moment are happy to just let the retailers sell out the Elite’s without restocking them.

Well Microsoft has come out and stated that this isn’t the case and there is no new SKU in sight and the lack of Elites is purely down to the amazing demand for them.

My personal opinion is that they are following the lead of Nintendo and creating a false demand for them so that when they do deliver everyone rushes out to buy them. Obviously Nintedo are denying that they are doing this but it’s not only me who can’t believe that they can not meet demand after being out for over a year now.

Microsoft says 360 Elite is just so hot right now, no SKU changes planned – Engadget

Last Updated: February 4, 2008

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