EnvyUs take the Call of Duty Championship at COD XP 2016

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North America, once again, dominated the Call of Duty Championships as EnvyUs reign supreme taking down Splyce gaming from the United Kingdom. In what has often been an all American affair, a number of upsets sent the North American victors through to the Grand Final, where they took home the grand prize of $800,000.


For EnvyUs it was all about showing they are the best North American team as they took down both FaZe and OptiC in the winner bracket. If you’re a part-time follower of the Call of Duty console scene, like myself, you’d recognize both FaZe and OptiC, remembering they are the poster-boys for Call of Duty North America. This time, however, they were sent packing by team EnvyUs who sent them to the loser bracket.

Splyce, on the other hand, had a tough road ahead as they found themselves in the lower bracket where they had to fight their way out against some of the top teams. There they met FaZe which was the first taste of the UK vs. NA showdown, but the Brits came out on top, sending FaZe packing. Next they faced FAB Games, a fellow UK/German team, making history as two European teams made it through to the final stages, as opposed to being knocked out on day one in 2015. Splyce managed to take down FAB Games, but now had to win two best-of-five matches in order to win the Grand Final.

Unfortunately, Splyce had played their entire hand and it was not enough to take down EnvyUs who had been on a hot streak throughout the weekend. Nonetheless, Splyce managed to make the Grand Final, which is an achievement in itself as the last European team to do it was Infinity (also from the UK) back in 2011.

The biggest breath of fresh air coming from the Call of Duty Championships 2016 is the two European teams making the final stages of the tournament. This shows promise for the global effort of growing eSport communities, taking into consideration that the United Kingdom does not have an especially large eSports community.

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Last Updated: September 5, 2016

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