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ESL have partnered up NADA to combat Performance Drugs in eSports

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After the recent scandal relating to performance enhancement drugs in competitive gaming, the Electronic Sports League has furthered their new zero-tolerance policy by teaming up with NADA (Nationale Anti Doping Agentur). This new wave of rulings has followed statements made by players regarding the use of Adderall in competitive tournaments. Specifically Cloud9 during ESL, Cologne.

The ant-PED team

The Electronic Sports League is one of the biggest competitive gaming organizations in the world. Their announcement last week came as no surprise as athletes competing in their tournaments were exposed and said to be using a certain medication which helps with concentration. Adderall is a prescription drug used by people who suffer from attention deficit disorders. Used correctly this drug has no adverse effects on those who actually need it, however if used by a person who does not suffer from the aforementioned disorder, it can boost concentration and in fact increase performance.

Students have long relied on this drug to increase performance during exams, this is no secret. The effect it has on gaming has been proven as cerebral activity is a necessity in competitive gaming, even though you may disagree noting our lovely communities.


The decision to partner up with NADA is a step in the right direction. This will promote fair play in their competitive leagues, as well as protect the players who genuinely suffer from attention disorders. ESL are also in the process of teaming up with WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) to further combat the current influx of speculation. The three organizations will team up to conjure an anti performance enhancement drug program to be used within all their competitive leagues.

Source: ESL

Who’s next?

It’s only a matter of time before more organizations introduce rulings on performance enhancement drugs. If the problem is as real as it seems, more leagues may be at risk of allowing unfair competition. The question is, of course, what constitutes a performance enhancement drug? Some would argue recreational use of marijuana, now medically legal in certain states of America, could be seen as performance enhancing. It’s no secret that some players are partial to marijuana, and it will be important to specifically detail the programs these leagues enforce to include any and all drugs. My question is, with South African eSports on the rise, should we follow suit and create our own anti-PED system?

Last Updated: July 24, 2015

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