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eSports Wrap-up: Bravado goes international, Maingaming FIFA 12 and Apex Gioteck Conquest League takes off

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This week in eSports has been a very busy week. We’ve seen the DOTA 2 SteelSeries Spring League and Apex Interactive Gioteck BF3 Conquest League kick off, more impressive DGL playoff results and local team Bravado taking to the international stage. Maingaming is also hosting their FIFA 12 online qualifiers tonight as well as a FIFA 12 Interactive Challenge at Killarney Mall tomorrow.

Apex Interactive Gioteck BF3 Conquest League

The local PS3 Battlefield 3 league has gotten underway this week, officially having started on 10 September, the first match was to be played yesterday. Twelve teams have entered this competition in the hopes of winning some great prizes sponsored by Apex Interactive and Gioteck.

Bravado Gaming enters the CyberGamer TtEsports Amateur league

Bravado has taken the leap and entered an international Call of Duty 4 amateur league, aiming to be invited to the CyberGamer Invite.Tt and Main.Tt leagues which will give them the opportunity to face off against some ofEurope’s top Call of Duty 4 teams.

So far this team has ranked up to 26th place with only six games played. They’ve won an impressive four out of the six matches, losing only one and drawing the other. The brave men taking on this massive challenge are: Luca “RoBoHoBo” Tucconi, Chris “Evax” Noble, Jayden “PhaTNooB” Schröder, Michael “Bl4ck0ut”Ferguson andGary “Craolia” Noble. All of these players have years of experience in competitive CoD4 having been part of the teams who have dominated the scene since the title became competitive inS.A.

Maingaming FIFA 12 Interactive Challenge and Online Qualifiers

Maingaming’s FIFA 12 Online Qualifiers are taking place tonight. Three players from each of the online qualifiers will be placed in the Interactive Grand Finals. For more info on these qualifiers, check out this link.

A FIFA 12 Interactive Challenge event will also be taking place tomorrow at Killarney Mall in Johannesburg, entry fee’s are R50, go to this page for more info.

DOTA 2 SteelSeries Spring League

The DOTA 2 SteelSeries Spring League launched on Monday with a whopping 43 teams entered and ready to get their DOTA on. There are currently five divisions competing for prizes such as SteelSeries DOTA 2 KANA bundles and 2TB Samsung HDD’s. The deadline for game one this week (week 1) is on Sunday, meaning all the games have not yet been played. To keep track of the rankings and results, keep and eye on this link over here.

So far in the Premier Division 1AM= have taken the victory over kknP.Dota, winning match one 4 – 1 and match two 2 – 0. Some teams have also started playing their week 1, game 2 matches. 1AM= took their second victory over VnR?Alpha with an impressive score of 4 – 1 in match one and 4 – 0 in match 2.

=ASF=Romeo 5 also managed to rake in a win against coL.Dota2. Scoring 4 – 1 in match 1 and 2 – 0 in match 2.

Do Gaming Champions Cup Finals

In the Do Gaming Champions Cup finals Bravado Gaming has once again dominated all three of the first-person-shooter titles, FIFA 12 console players faced off clan mates and PandaTank takes another victory.

Bravado beat =BFB=RegiMent 2 – 0 in the finals of the CoD4 Champions Cup making them the main competitors for the champs being held at rAge this October. Immersion gaming took third place winning their match against 32Batallion 2 – 1. Looking at the scores on each map, it seems that all maps were extremely close with only a points difference of 3 – 4 on each of them.

Bravado also took the top spot in the Battlefield 3 finals with a 2 – 0 score against Gs.Phoenix. Scores were as follows:


Bvd 170 – 0 Gs

Bvd 174 – 0 Gs


Bvd 209 – 0 Gs

Bvd 169 – 0 Gs

=ASF=AquilA secured third place due to an unfortunate forfeit from |BFC|Pubh3ro3s as they didn’t have enough players to play their match.

In the Modern Warfare 3 Champions Cup, Bravado beat |mG|KHAOS 2 – 0 with a score of 13 – 7 on the mapParisand 13 – 3 on Bakaara. The mG brother team MW3 however won their game against impi>mw3, taking third place.

Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha adds another win to his collection of awesome as he was able to beat newcomerDuncan‘Skiblet’ Frickel in the Starcraft 2 Champions Cup.

“We played the finals on CloudKingdomand then the second game was on Daybreak. From what I could tell, Frickel seems like he’s pretty good. He’s a high masters players with a pretty good understanding of the game,” Botha commented in an interview earlier this week.

Last but not least we saw two new champions emerge from the Xbox 360 and PS3 FIFA 12. On the PlayStation 3 platform Wasim ‘LEEDSUNITED4LYF’ Ebrahim takes the win over his clan mate Uwais ‘Uwais_P’ Patel. GamerNET’s Rohan ‘Roebou1989’ de Jongh beat Hashim “****” Ali in the finals on Xbox 360.

If you have any tournaments or eSports events you would like me to know about and cover, please feel free to comment here or drop me an email at yolanda@lazygamer.net

Last Updated: September 14, 2012

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