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eSports Wrap-up: DGL Playoffs, Maingaming Online Qualifiers and local eSports Wiki

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This week in eSports the Do Gaming League playoffs took place, Maingaming announced their FIFA 12 online qualifiers and our local comp scene creates a South African eSports Wiki page.

Maingaming Interactive Challenge

Maingaming announced that they will be hosting ten online tournaments over the next few months. Each of these will see the top three placed players qualify for the Maingaming Interactive Challenge Grand Finals. These players will stand a chance to win R25 000 in cash and a Samsung 32” HD LCD TV.

The FIFA 12 Online Qualifiers start today, the entry fee is R50 and prizes include games worth R1000.

They have also announced a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Roadshow where they will be hosting four qualifier Tekken Tag Tournament 2 events across the country. Top three qualifiers of each will event qualify for the grand finals.Gauteng,Cape Town and Tshwane will be host to these qualifiers. Prizes for the over all winner include R5000 in cash money.

Dates and venues to be announced, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hampers up for grabs and requires no entry fees.

Local eSports Wiki

Earlier this week a Wikipedia page was created for the South African eSports scene by Robert ‘iNFy’ Hart, league director of the Do Gaming League. This page was created as a community driven project that any one can contribute to.

The goal of the page is to create, document and maintain the entire history of all things eSports in South Africa. This page includes information on players, clans, events, organisations and games.

“I created the eSport Wiki as a way to record and document our countries eSport scene. Can you remember who won the 2008 Do Gaming Championships? I sure can’t. Does anyone have any information on the Arena77 days? Today if you tried finding it on the net, you wouldn’t be able to.

The fact that such important information is not documented anywhere on the net is extremely worrying to me, and that is why I’ve started this project. The eSport wiki means that someone living in the year 2020 will be able to easily find the 2008 Do Gaming Champions by simply typing a few keywords into Google. It’s a time capsule that will gain historical value as the years pass by.” says Hart.

To check out the page or contribute to it, head on over to this link

Do Gaming League Playoffs – Champions Cup

The Do Gaming League Playoffs took place this week. Long standing eSports organisation Bravado Gaming unsurprisingly dominating across the different game leagues. The deadline for the Champions Cup finals is on Sunday, here are the games that will be played.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare:

After what seems to have been some very heated semi finals, BFB team RegiMent advances to the finals after beating 32Batallion 2 – 1 to go up against Bravado who beat Immersion.

RegiMent Beat 32Batallion 13 – 2 on Strike and 13 – 10 on City Streets, where 32Batallion only managed to win one map, 13 – 6 on Backlot. Bravado took two maps against Immersion, winning 13 – 11 on City and 13 – 6 on Strike.

These teams have not yet confirmed a date or time to play their finals, keep an eye on this page to find out when it will be played. To learn more about how the CoD4 playoffs work, visit this link.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The Modern Warfare 3 playoffs consisted mostly of teams from the Monster Energy Gaming clan with 50% of the teams in the semi-finals from Monster Energy Gaming. Funnily enough these teams had to play it out against each other, meaning that unfortunately only one of them would go through to the finals.

Bravado took impi 2 – 1, advancing to the finals with |mG|KHOAS beating their brother team |mG|-MW3 2 – 0. Bravado and Monster Energy gaming will face off in the finals this weekend, keep an eye on this page to find out when and check out this page to learn how the Modern Warfare 3 playoffs work.

Battlefield 3

The Battlefield 3 Champions Cup has delivered outstanding scores and info as to who will be playing in the finals. The deadline is 13 September and Bravado has once again secured their team a spot in the finals.

Bravado took =ASF=AquilA2 – 0 in the semi finals. Winning 80-0 and 113 – 0 on Karkand, as well as 115 – 0 and 45 – 0 on Shargi.

In the other semi-final match Gs.Phoenix from the Gaming Synthesis clan beat |BFC|Pubh3ro3s from Battlefield Community 2 – 1. The scores were as follows:

Strike at Karkand
Round 1: Gs 133 – 0 BFC
Round 2: Gs 0 – 99 BFC

Terhan Highway
Round 1: Gs 75 – 0 BFC
Round 2: Gs 0 – 166 BFC

Operation Metro
Round 1: Gs 143 – 0 BFC
Round 2: Gs 131 – 0 BFC

To learn more about how the Battlefield 3 Playoffs work, visit this link.

Starcraft 2

The Starcraft 2 semi-finals have yet to be completed this weekend. To keep track of the results, go to this page.

And that’s it folks! If you have any tournaments or eSports events you would like me to know about and cover, please feel free to comment here or drop me an email at yolanda@lazygamer.net

Last Updated: September 7, 2012

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