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eSports Wrap-up: Dota 2 playoffs, CS: GO group stages and Warfighter servers launch in S.A

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The Do Gaming League has ended and this used to mean that eSports season is over, but this year, we continue with the Dota 2 SteelSeries Spring League, a brand new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cup and the launch of some Medal of Honor: Warfighter local servers.

Dota 2 SteelSeries Spring League Playoffs

The SteeSeries Spring League has almost come to en end and this weekend we’ll see the semi-finals play out. PewPew LEGS take on BASH while Bravado and ASF face off in an MGO clash of the titans. The games will be played in best of three formats, needless to say, that these are going to be some action packed matches.

The winning teams are to compete for the awesome prizes including SteelSeries KANA bundles, Monster Energy drinks to keep them up on those late nights jamming Dota 2 and 2TB drives.

Want to see how it’ll go down? Well you’re in luck. The games will be streamed courtesy of Ben ‘Noxville’ Steenhuisen. Bravado versus ASF will be streamed on Saturday just after 7pm. You can check out the live stream on Noxville’s own3d channel. Here’s the schedule:

  • Bravado Gaming vs. ASF – Saturday 27 October 19:00
  • Final Match – Sunday 28 October 20:00

Local Medal of Honor: Warfighter local servers launched

Do Gaming and MWEB have launched some local servers for this game, whether it’s a good game or a pile of trash, only time will tell, The success of the game as an eSport title is completely dependant on what the local community thinks. (Must resist starting inflammatory debate!)

Do Gaming Warfighter servers

Do Gaming’s Warfighter servers are now live. The servers are a mix of 20 player (10v10) and 12 player Home Run (HR), which is a game mode for competitive play. There are two servers for each of the type of servers at first, it could increase depending on the demand by the local community.

Server list: (only names were provided by the forum with the info on)

ZA Do Gaming HR #1
ZA Do Gaming HR #2
ZA Do Gaming Immersive
ZA Do Gaming Warfighter

According to the thread, servers can be joined via Battlelog or the in game Browser by filtering for the server name.

MWEB Warfighter servers

More Warfighter servers for your personal amusement is provided by MWEB. They have deployed servers instances in both Cape Town and Johannesburg data centers. Check ‘em out below. 

Cape Town:


Ready.Set.GO! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cup

The DGL Ready.Set.GO! cup has gone through the group stage motions and jiggled the cream of the crop to the top. 39 teams are competing, which is a massive number of teams for a CS title. This could mean that CS”GO has a future in our eSports community after all. Among the many, many new teams, we’re seeing some old names too. These include Bravado and Damage Control. Because I was way too lazy too type out the results, I totally print screened the results log. Have a look-see.

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Last Updated: October 26, 2012

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